first time: new york city 🇺🇸


My bags were packed and ready to go, it was 6am in the morning on a Saturday morning. I was so excited for my trip to New York city that it wasn’t just the item on my bucket list, but visiting times square was the theme of the list itself. I left the Billy Bishop Toronto City airport at 10:15am, the flight took approximately 4hours and 43minutes. This was also my first time on a plane and as luck would have it, I had no issue staying awake at that altitude, the clouds looked like a big white blanket that I could fall on and feel its softness on my skin, but I didn’t get to try that. We landed at La Guardia airport in New York at around 3pm. After going through all the checks, I was finally picked up by my friend who lives in New York, we headed to the hotel she had booked for me, which was close to Times square and it was called, The hotel (funny right?). She hailed a yellow cab as we left the airport and told the driver to take us to The Hotel in Manhattan. Everything looked so different from what I was used to back in Toronto, almost every building I saw was a skyscraper and the streets seemed to always be filled with people walking. It was almost like the city never sleeps, after 50 minutes of navigating through traffic and gasping in the awe of the the things I saw, we finally arrived at Manhattan and it was definitely awesome. We checked into our hotel rooms and headed out to have a feel of the neighborhood before going to time square in the night. I was told that was the best time to experience times square. We moved around and saw lots of small shops selling items to tourist. I got a necklace from a pun shop and at 7pm we stopped for pizza at Patzeria, it was listed as one of the best pizza shops in New York city and I just had to try it out.

We headed back to the hotel because I had maxed out the space on the memory card of my camera and I had to pick up my spares, I wasn’t going to visit times square and not have enough space to capture the visual experience I had been promised by my friend.

We were back at Times Square by 7pm and it was amazing the sight that beheld me. The whole square was packed with people moving all over the place and even though mobility was tough, the movement was quite fluid. There were probably more colors than I have seen at once all around me, there were news streaming from at least three sources, the crush of humanity, the animation and multiple camera flashes happening all at once. I was overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions I couldn’t even comprehend, I giggled like a child as we walked past the skyscrapers with colorful commercials running on the big screens mounted on their sides. I thought to myself, this feels just like the scene from the fast and furious movie: Tokyo drift. As we walked along the sidewalks, we saw all sorts of side attractions, there were two gymnasts performing stunts right there in the middle of the street, amidst all the frenzy there was a guy playing some beautiful tunes from his piano. There was so much to see, but the brilliant spectacle that brightly lit center of times square by all of its big screens was something I had never seen before, that was the highlight for me and most of the other tourists.

By the time we were done roaming the length and breadth of times square, it was already midnight. It was definitely different from how it was when it was crowded. The theater crowd was gone, but the lights were still bright. The café tables and chairs in the west lanes of Broadway were still there and the weather smelled and felt so nice. My friend and I took time to observe the whole scenery. We took a whole lot of selfies and after a while we were hungry, it was a good thing the Mc Donald’s close by opened 24hours a day, we went in and had something to eat.

This was definitely one of the most visually intriguing experiences I have had and I cant wait to visit again in the nearest future.

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