on the road: taroko gorge 🇹🇼


In the remote part of eastern Taiwan, there lies intriguing marble cliffs, deep ridges and an experience that needs to be placed on your list. With the hope of promoting scientific research, environmental education and conservation of natural resources, the Taroko National Park was established in late November of 1986. With more than 92,000 hectares of land, the park highlights the beauty of the mountains. Experience the park with roads that move and climb through out the land as you take in the scenic atmosphere.

Your “on the road” trip begins at the Taroko National Park headquarters and ends through the town of Tiansiang. National Geographic recommends embarking on Hwy 8 from the park headquarters and continue for 19 km (11.4 miles) through Tiansiang. Your first stop will be the Buluowan Recreation Area. There you can take a road that leads to the local Atayal community.  This will an opportunity to experience a new culture and witness their traditions. Another stop could be the Swallow Grotto, a pedestrian only part  of this route where you a take in the breath-taking scenery. The goal of this trip should be to embark on a new experience that you can share with others.


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